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Due to the situation with Corona Virus COVID-19 we have shut our office and staff are working from home. Information about our service can be found on our COVID-19 page.

Fair loans and flexible savings

Banking run for local people, by local people.


  • Audrey, Cirencester

“As a debt advisor, I wanted to use Gloucestershire Credit Union to be able to advocate for it when speaking to customers in order to persuade them to save a little and, when needed, to borrow at an affordable rate.  It was easy to set up and having savings separate to my normal bank account means I am less tempted to touch them.”

  • Barbara, Cirencester

“I’m a member of Gloucestershire Credit Union and think the work it does is great. I really value having an ethical and affordable place to borrow from as well as a safe place to save. It helps me to plan for future expenses like Christmas and take better control of my finances. I can save a little or a lot, it’s up to me and I know I’ll be treated fairly and as a human being”

  • Sean, Gloucester

“I first became aware of the credit union 10 years ago, but only became an active member 2 years ago. I have been both a saver and a borrower, the first and most obvious benefit is the low interest rate, but the self discipline the credit union encourages means that for the first time in my adult life I have become a saver. I would recommend the credit union to anyone working or unemployed.”

  • Ray, Gloucester

“I heard about the credit union through work and thought I’d give it a try. I’ve had loans from them and I’ve also got a savings account. It’s easy to use and the repayments are manageable. I like the way you can save at the same time as paying off a loan. The credit union is a really good thing to help people.”

  • A member, Stow-on-the-Wold

"I was in a very difficult financial situation as I needed to stop paying out just interest on my overdraft. The banks didn’t want to help me so I decided to contact Gloucestershire Credit Union and they agreed I could take out a loan with them. So now, not only am I paying off the loan capital, but I am also saving regularly with them which makes me feel a whole lot better!"

  • Emma, Gloucester

“I have always found them easy to deal with especially at times of financial stress when life is often difficult enough without having to deal with the high street banks.  Staff there are friendly and efficient and I don’t feel judged like I have done with banks in the past.  They are more approachable in general and have been such a help to me.”


Join us if you want:

  • A reliable alternative to the high street banks, payday lenders and other financial options
  • You want a loan with no small print, no late or early repayment fees, and no set-up costs
  • You want to have control over your money
  • You want your money to do good at the same time

"Has been a big help, thank you so much"

“Gloucestershire Credit Union has been a big help, thank you so much. I needed a small loan for car repairs, and now I’m saving more than I was before, and my loan will soon be paid off in full. It was so refreshing to speak to someone who sounded like they really wanted to help.”

Sarah P, Gloucester

Join us

Becoming a member involves opening a savings account which costs just £5 admin fee and a £5 deposit into your new account.

Join online here, download an application form or ring us on 01452 422712

Apply for a loan

We have a range of loan options for both new and existing members so we can find the one that best meets your needs.

Apply online for a loan, download an application form or ring 01452 422712.

Have any questions?

Find out more about us in our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section where hopefully you’ll find the information you need.

If not, ring us on 01452 422712 Monday – Friday, 10am – 1pm, or email

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