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Fair loans and flexible savings

Banking run for local people, by local people.

Community-owned banking for everyone living and/or working in Gloucestershire:
fair, responsible and people-focused savings and loans.

We can provide our members with the following financial & banking services:

A safe place for savings

Whatever you’re saving for, our flexible approach lets you save what you want when you want. Plus by saving with us, you’ll get a better rate of interest if you need a loan.

Loans with no small print

No set up costs, no early repayment penalties and no hidden charges or small print. If you borrow from us, you’ll know exactly how much you’ll pay and for how long.

Pre-paid Debit Card

The Engage Pre-paid Visa Debit card lets your savings be used to pay household bills, meet domestic needs, and whenever you have to pay by card.

Who are we?


Gloucestershire Credit Union is a financial co-operative owned by everyone who holds a savings account or a loan with us (called members). They each have a share of the profit the credit union makes each year plus a say in how the organisation is run. By saving or borrowing with us, your money will also be doing good at the same time by helping other people within Gloucestershire’s communities.

Safe and secure

Gloucestershire Credit Union offers a responsible, reliable financial alternative to the high street banks and other financial companies. Your savings with us are protected by the Financial Services’ Compensation Scheme giving you peace of mind that your money is safe. We’re managed by a Board of Directors who keep tight control of our operations, ensuring that your money is well managed. 

An international movement

Credit Unions’ approach to finance is over 150 years old but it has stood the test of time. They began in Germany in the 1850s and have since spread all over the world: Gloucestershire Credit Union is one of over 57,400 credit unions operating in more than 115 countries including Australia, America, the Dominican Republic and the Seychelles.          


"We could make this a different, much fairer country"

Michael Sheen OBE.  Actor

“At the moment, only a tiny percentage of people in the UK are active, current members of a credit union. Now, if we could change that to 20% of people in the country or 50% … we could make this a different, much fairer country. I’m a member of a credit union because I want to be part of making that happen.”

Join us

Becoming a member involves opening a savings account which costs just £5 admin fee and a £5 deposit into your new account.

Join online here, download an application form or ring us on 01452 422712

Apply for a loan

We have a range of loan options for members so we can find the one that best meets your needs.

Apply online for a loan, download an application form or ring 01452 422712.

Have any questions?

Find out more about us in our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section where hopefully you’ll find the information you need.

If not, ring us on 01452 422712 Monday – Friday, 10am – 1pm, or email

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