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How To Join GCU

Anyone over the age of 18 who lives or works within the County of Gloucestershire can apply for membership to Gloucestershire Credit Union Ltd. Under 18′s are not members but can have a Junior Saver account

To join, you need to provide

  • Proof of your identity. The follwing photographic ID are acceptable:
    • a valid passport
    • a new style driving license
    • a national identity card

If no photographic ID is available then please contact us to discuss what alternative documents we can accept.

  • Proof of your address such as
    • a counterpart or old style driving license
    • a utility bill or bank statement
    • a Council Tax or benefits letter

Any correspondence should be originals and dated within the last three months

  • You will need £4.00 to open an account
    • £3.00 joining fee (not applicable to Junior Savers)
    • £1.00 to remain in your share account in order to keep the account open

The application form can be download from the download section.

How soon and how much can I borrow from GCU?

You can apply for a loan as soon as you join, but if you save regularly for 13 weeks then you will pay less interest. The size of the loan will depend on the amount you have saved, how much you need, what you can afford to repay, and will be linked to our rules on lending.

How can I make payments?

All of our collection points allow you to pay in money to your savings account or to repay a loan but many members find it more convenient to make payments to the credit union by standing order direct from their bank account.

How do I withdraw my savings?

You can withdraw your savings at anytime. As long as you leave at least £1 in your account you can still save with GCU. Just fill in a withdrawal form and we can send the money directly to your bank account by BACS or we can give you a cheque to cash at certain Post offices, this will require 7 days notice.

How do I request a statement?

Just ask at your local collection point and we will get a statement sent to you in the post