How to Apply for a Loan

The leaflet ‘Getting the Right Loan from Gloucestershire Credit Union’ (download here) has a loan summary table which should help you and our friendly volunteers ensure that you choose the best loan available from the options available. This simple process will give your application the best chance of success when it is submitted to our loans assessment team.

What you need to do

  • Decide how much you need to borrow
  • Select the best loan using the table overleaf
  • Complete an application form available from our office or as a download from our website.
  • Ensure all the supporting documentation included. This is listed on the application form – proof of income, bank statements etc.
  • Send your completed application to us.

How we will assess your application

Once we have received your completed application, our loan assessment team will take over and will keep you informed of progress.
GCU is a responsible lender and will endeavour to ensure that we deliver loans that are affordable and appropriate to your circumstances. While assessing your loan application we will consider:

  • Whether you can afford the repayments
  • Any existing loans and savings that you have
  • As part of our assessment we may conduct a credit check.

We aim to give you a decision on your loan within a few days, but if we need to ask for any further information this may take longer.
Your personal information within the application is dealt with in strict confidence as per our own policies and the Data Protection Act.