Savers Loan

This is our standard loan for members who have saved regularly. The amount that can be borrowed is based on the amount of savings.


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SaversPlus Loan

This loan offers a low interest rate to encourage members to keep their savings safe in the credit union.


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CURight Loan

This is the loan for new members who have not built up any savings. It may also be useful for members wanting to borrow more than they can with a Savers Loan.


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Why borrow from Gloucester Credit Union

No matter what you need, we now have a wide range of loans for both new and existing members.

Until recently Gloucestershire Credit Union had only had one type of loan for existing members who had been saving with us. We have now taken a decision to offer more services to a wider range of new and existing members. This allows more choice than ever before; we can now lend up to £10,000 over 5 years at interest rates from only 3.4% depending upon your circumstances.

Save as you Borrow

Gloucestershire Credit Union belongs to the people that are part of it, which means that when you borrow from us, you are effectively borrowing from the other members. In order to have money to lend, we need our members to save.

While we always encourage our members to continue saving, even if only a little, while they repay their loans, it is a condition of our CURight loans. We believe that having a pot of savings to fall back on is a valuable financial safety net. Saving alongside your loan repayments helps to build your savings and reduces your need to borrow in the future.