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Due to the situation with Corona Virus COVID-19 we have shut our office and staff are working from home. Information about our service can be found on our COVID-19 page.

Fair and transparent loans

Gloucestershire Credit Union is the small loans’ specialist. We can lend up to £10,000 over 5 years at interest rates starting from 3.4% (APR) - the exact rate depends the type of loan and your circumstances. Whatever the reason for borrowing, we have a range of loans for all members to fit your situation.

Our approach is people-focused so we ensure there are no nasty surprises hidden away in the small print – because there is no small print. When you take out a loan with us, you:

  • will know how long it’ll take to repay your loan
  • will know how much the instalments will be
  • won’t find any early repayment charges,
  • won’t find any set-up costs or no hidden fees
  • will pay less if you pay off your loan early.

We aim to put a friendly face to finances and, as we’re local, we can get to know our members.

Before you can apply for a loan, you will need to become a member of the credit union. Joining is simple! Just complete the online application form and we'll send you a £10 invoice to open an account which covers the £5 admin fee and a deposit of £5 into your savings. You don’t need to have saved before applying for a loan, but if you have saved regularly this will improve the chances that your loan will be granted.

We will not lend to anyone who is an undischarged bankrupt or is subject to a Debt Relief Order (DRO), Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) or Debt Management Plan (DMP).

If you aren’t already a member of Gloucestershire Credit Union you can apply to open a savings account here.

Savers' Loan

The loan for members who have saved regularly for 13 weeks or more. The amount that can be borrowed depends upon how much is in your savings account.



Saversplus Loan

The loan for existing members who want to borrow less than, or up to the total, that they have in savings. The savings must always be more than the amount of the loan.


CURight Loan

This loan will suit members who haven’t built up any savings, or who want to borrow more than they could with a Savers’ Loan. We will ask you to save a little alongside your loan repayments.

"It helps me to plan for future expenses and take better control of my finances."

“I’m a member of Gloucestershire Credit Union and think the work it does is great. I really value having an ethical and affordable place to borrow from as well as a safe place to save. It helps me to plan for future expenses like Christmas and take better control of my finances. I can save a little or a lot, it’s up to me and I know I’ll be treated fairly and as a human being”

Barbara, Cirencester

Join us

Becoming a member involves opening a savings account which costs just £5 admin fee and a £5 deposit into your new account.

Join online here, download an application form or ring us on 01452 422712

Engage Pre-paid Visa Card

Load money onto the Engage visa card to make purchases without the risk of spending too much.

Available to Credit Union Members.
Find out more an apply online.

Have any questions?

Find out more about us in our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section where hopefully you’ll find the information you need.

If not, ring us on 01452 422712 Monday – Friday, 10am – 1pm, or email

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