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Our Engage Pre-paid Visa Debit Card

This card offers members the convenience of using a card to buy things without the risk of spending too much. Money must be ‘loaded’ onto the Engage Pre-paid Visa debit card before it can be used – this can be done by transferring straight from your credit union savings or by transfer from any bank account. Once the credit’s been spent, the card must be topped up before it can be used again

If you need to ring-fence a certain amount of money on the card – to pay a specific bill, for example – the Engage card’s special ‘virtual envelope’ system does this easily so you don’t accidentally spend it. Envelopes are simple to set up and can be done online or using the Engage mobile app. The money is then set aside until you need it. You can even set up standing orders to pay your bills automatically.

The Engage card is only available to credit union members and is provided and protected by Contis, a national company that works with credit unions around the UK. There is a monthly management charge of £2 for using the card and each ATM withdrawal costs 75p. The Engage Rewards' Scheme means that every time you use your card at certain retailers – some are shown below - you’ll receive up to 15% cashback.


For further information visit the Engage Card Website or call Engage Customer Service: 0333 202 3642

Special features of the Engage Pre-paid Visa Debit card

  • It’s FREE to apply for a card (you can also have an additional card for free)
  • Low management fees: £2 per month + 75p charge for each ATM withdrawal in the UK
  • Earn up to 15% cashback with Engage Rewards Partners
  • FREE for any purchases made within the UK
  • FREE to set up a standing order
  • FREE email alerts to help you track your spend
  • FREE mobile app available on Android and iPhone
  • FREE Engage ‘virtual envelope’ money management tool

Engage rewards

Fantastic rewards and offers available from national and local retailers when you use your Engage visa debit card.  You can have cashback rewards of up to 15% every time you use your Engage Visa debit card to pay for goods at certain participating retailers including:


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