Glos Credit Union Executive Director post advertisement

Gloucestershire Credit Union is recruiting a new Executive Director.

  • This is an exciting new post with a key focus on assisting two neighbouring credit unions to more formally work together to serve people in Gloucestershire
  • Salary £30 000pa
  • Full time fixed term contract of 3 years
  • Post initially based in Gloucester and Stroud – a willingness to work flexibly between both locations is vital (own car essential) and reasonable travelling expenses will be paid between these two locations. The post is for 35 hours a week, which will include some evenings and weekends.

About us

Gloucestershire Credit Union (GCU) with its base in Gloucester Library and Stroud Valleys Credit Union (SVCU, uses the name Save’n’borrow), with its base in Brunel Mall Stroud, are creating a new position to assist in our joint development. Between us we have 1400 members, shares of £430,000 and loan books of £126,000 We have very good relations with a large number of organisations in our region particularly within the voluntary and charity sector, many of whom are committed to supporting the work of the credit union movement.

A key priority for both credit unions is to work more closely together so that we can deliver our business objectives in the years to come. In particular, we seek to offer a broader range of services for the financially excluded.

Other current key priorities of GCU include developing a training capability to recruit and manage volunteer effort (including monitoring effectiveness), as well as building operational resilience. For Save’n’borrow priorities include: implementation and management of Universal Credit accounts, marketing our new loan product in order to increase our loan business and establishing a more efficient office management system.

Job description

The successful applicant will:

  • Work towards making the job self-sustaining as the credit unions develop over the next three years
  • Lead in the development and growth of financially stable credit unions by increasing lending and deposits
  • Develop the services and business functions of both credit unions by working with technology providers, credit union provider partners and local stakeholders
  • Facilitate increasingly close cooperation between GCU and SVCU, possibly leading to a formal merger or partnership of the credit unions.

Working with the Boards of Directors the successful applicant will:

  • Maintain awareness of legislative or FCA regulatory changes, developing management and compliance structures to ensure that the businesses operate in a manner that is compliant with regulatory and legal requirements set by the FCA.
  • With the chairs, to advise on future developments and to ensure that the boards regularly review business objectives by providing monitoring information on targets and performance
  • The role will also include some of the following responsibilities depending on both the strengths and experience of the candidate appointed and the current position of both credit unions as they start to work more closely together.

Planning and development:

  • To develop and maintain 3-year business plans and identify business development opportunities that meet the objectives of these plans
  • To take overall responsibility for the delivery of services and business targets
  • To coordinate activities that will promote common and consistent policies and practices across both credit unions, especially as new services are introduced
  • To keep stakeholders engaged with the organisations

Resource acquisition:

  • To identify sources of funding in support of the business aims of both credit unions
  • To grow the business in a manner that is consistent with credit union best practice
  • To maintain close relations with funders and ensure compliance with undertakings
  • To monitor opportunities for funding (and business development) opportunities as agreed with the credit union boards

Financial and risk management:

  • To produce accurate and reliable management information to highlight any areas of concern and make recommendations to improve service delivery
  • To assist the Auditor and Treasurer of each credit union with the preparation of annual reports and accounts
  • To ensure that loan delinquency levels are maintained within the target with effective and timely collection policy

Partnering and marketing:

  • To ensure that all current volunteers are supported and receive appropriate training
  • To develop a policy for volunteer recruitment and training
  • To maintain and develop team working skills especially in working with volunteers
  • To develop marketing plans to encourage growth in membership and increased use of services
  • To maintain effective relations with relevant authorities, agencies, organisations and individuals in the areas served by the credit unions

Knowledge, skills and experience required

  • Experience in financial services management (essential)
  • Experience of working as a team player especially with volunteers (essential)
  • Experience of financial planning and budget monitoring (essential)
  • Demonstration of self-motivation and drive
  • Ability to keep stakeholders engaged with an organisation’s development
  • Communication, negotiation and relationship building skills

Application/interview process

To apply for this position you must complete the attached application form.

Please send the completed form to Mr Geoff Shaw, Chair GCU, Gloucester Library, Brunswick Road, Gloucester GG1 1H marking the envelope “In Confidence” by Friday 28th August. Email applications can be sent to – marking the subject line – Private for Geoff Shaw.

Interviews for this position will be held in Gloucester in early September.

This appointment will be subject to a DBS check.

Application form

Please complete this application form electronically or in black ink using block capitals.

Section one: personal information

Post applied for:

Family name:


Preferred name:

Names in full:





Are you eligible for work in the UK?

Do you possess a current full driving licence?

Details of endorsements
Groups/expiry date
Do you own a car?

Section two: employment history

Please note any other employment you would continue with if you were successful in

obtaining this position._________________________________________________

How much notice is required in your current post? 3 months_____________________

From, to (month, year)
Name and address of employer
Job title and duties
Salary at leaving
Reason for leaving

Section three: education history

a) Professional/practical qualifications obtained.


b) Further education (college or university). Please give details of any qualifications obtained.

Organisation and qualification

c) Principal secondary schools

Qualifications and details

Section four: reasons for applying for this post

Please detail here your reasons for applying for this post.
You should include experience obtained in your present and past roles that would be relevant to this post and what particular skills you would bring if appointed. Continue on a separate sheet if necessary.

Section five: criminal record

This post will be eligible for criminal record checks. It will be clear from the job details the level of check and any subsequent offer of employment will be based on the outcome from such a check. Do you have any convictions, cautions, reprimands or final warnings that are not “protected” as defined by the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (Exceptions) Order 1975 (as amended in 2013) by SI 2013 1198?

Section six: references

Please give names and addresses of two persons from whom the company may obtain both character and work experience references (one must be your present or most recent employer). Please obtain their permission.







Relationship with applicant:

May we approach your referees prior to interview? Yes/no

Section seven: declaration

Please read this carefully before signing this application.

a) I confirm that to the best of my knowledge and belief, the above information is complete and correct and that any untrue or misleading information will give the GCU/SVCU the right to terminate any employment contract offered.

b) I agree that the GCU/SVCU reserves the right to ask relevant questions about an individuals’ health after an offer has been made, and only where appropriate will request a health assessment through occupational health. Should further information be required and the GCU/SVCU wish to contact a doctor with a view to obtaining a medical report, the law requires them to inform the individual of this intention and obtain their permission prior to contacting their doctor. Information the GCU/SVCU receives will only be retained on a personnel file during an individuals’ tenure in post and will be only stored/processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

c) I agree that where a role may require a criminal records check the GCU/SVCU will apply to the Disclosure and Barring Service for the appropriate level of disclosure. I have read section five of this form and understand that should a required disclosure not be satisfactory, any offer of employment may be withdrawn or employment terminated.

Signature: Date:


Please return this form by Friday 28th August to Mr Geoff Shaw, Chair GCU, Gloucester Library, Brunswick Road, Gloucester GG1 1H marking the envelope “In Confidence”. Email applications can be sent to – marking the subject line – Private for Geoff Shaw.

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