Advance Notice – Withdrawal of Cheques

We have been informed by the Co-operative Bank that from 1st October the Post Office will not cash cheques over the counter. From 1st October we will no longer be able to issue cheques for cash and those members who use this service will need to make another arrangement.

As an alternative, we draw your attention to the Engage Pre-paid Visa debit card which is now available to members. Members with the card can have money transferred from their credit union account to the card, where it will be available to spend. From October, on days that our office is open, the credit union will be able to make same day transfers of up to £100 , transfers over £100 will not be available until the next working day.

There is a monthly fee of £2 for this card and although there is no charge for purchases made with it (or cash-back obtained when making a purchase), there is a charge of 75p for each ATM (cash machine) withdrawal. As we presently have to charge £1.50 per cheque, if you requested more than 2 cheques per month then the cost of using the card will be less than the charges for cheques.

Further information about the engage card is available at An application form to order a card is available from the downloads section of the website; should you have any questions about this, please ask one of our volunteers who will be happy to explain more about how the card works.

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